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2022 Artists

Welcome to the 2022 artist lineup page! We are continually updating this page, so please visit again to see more artists participating in this year's tour.

Anja Kooistra #1

Anja Kooistra

Anja Kooistra creates expressive sculptures using fabrics, clay and natural materials. Her unique pieces are perfect for indoors or garden.

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Ann Cummings #1

Ann Cummings

Ceramic artist Ann Cummings constantly explores her interest in imaginary landscapes in her sculptural and functional art pieces.

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Audrey Morgan #1

Audrey Morgan

Audrey Morgan’s work strives to convey the beauty she sees in nature. Sterling silver, copper & gemstones are her materials of choice.

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Bert Liverance #1

Bert Liverance

Painter Bert Liverance creates brightly coloured floral watercolour & oil paintings in a hyper-realistic style with stunning details.

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Carmel Brennan #1

Carmel Brennan

Carmel Brennan is a photographer, a painter, a teacher, and a writer. She is a recorder of images. Carmel's camera is a sketchbook for documenting life.

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Catharina Goldnau #1

Catharina Goldnau

Catharina Goldnau mixes her own clay, altering surfaces and the traditional ceramic composure of the clay, leading to unique, beautifully textured works.

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Chandra Cutter #1

Chandra Cutter

Stunning handcrafted fashion pieces created from quality leather by Chandra Cutter - Natural materials crafted using historical techniques.

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Charlotte Hale #1

Charlotte Hale

Award-winning photographer Charlotte Hale presents a remarkable series of portraits capturing the momentary essence of each subject.

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Christl Niemuller #1

Christl Niemuller

Christl Niemuller's artworks, in a variety of media, are an exploration in colour and texture to create depth and shape to emotion.

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Colin Whitebread #1

Colin Whitebread

Painter Colin Whitebread uses colour, mixed media, and textured surfaces to interpretively explore a variety of subjects.

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Craig Telfer #1

Craig Telfer

Woodworker Craig Telfer incorporates the imagery of live edges and figurative grain into every piece of functional art he creates.

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Cynthia Cupples #1

Cynthia Cupples

Potter Cynthia Cupples creates beautiful wheel thrown & hand-built ceramic dinnerware and sculptural accent pieces to enjoy everyday.

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Daniel Colby #1

Daniel Colby

Daniel Colby creates striking commissioned portraits and light-filled streetscape paintings combining architecture, landscape and reflections.

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Daniella Boerhof #1

Daniella Boerhof

Metal sculptor Daniella Boerhof takes great joy in being able to create both large and small pieces to display inside or outside.

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David Greaves #1

David Greaves

David Greaves is a self-taught watercolourist influenced by England’s John Yardley, Joseph Zbukvic and the late John Blockley.

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David Trotter #1

David Trotter

Each work of art that artist David Trotter creates inspires him to push the traditional boundaries of what leather can be used for.

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Delvea Tuff #1

Delvea Tuff

Inspired by the beauty of the Kawartha and Scugog areas, Delvea Tuff creates enchanting portraits of horses, wildlife, and the world around her.

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Diane Smith #1

Diane Smith

Diane’s tagline says it all… Jewellery ~ Express Yourself! Discover Diane's silver designs accented with gold, pearls and stones.

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Donald Chrétien #1

Donald Chrétien

The unique style and impact of Aboriginal fine artist Donald Chrétien springs from his combined passion for colour and woodland-style expression.

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Erin Le Page #1

Erin Le Page

Port Perry artist Erin Le Page will steal your heart away with her beautiful prints portraying touching moments of tenderness and togetherness.

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Fly Freeman #1

Fly Freeman

The constant exploration of new materials and scale make Fly Freeman's sculptures and functional artworks - including furniture and lighting - truly unique.

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Francis Muscat #1

Francis Muscat

Francis Muscat is a multi-media sculptor with a passion for glass, his work is figurative, architectural, whimsical, and never fails to surprise.

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Gayle Temple #1

Gayle Temple

Glass artist Gayle Temple creates stunning sculptural and functional glass pieces with an emphasis on texture and shape, using different techniques.

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Gerry Visco #1

Gerry Visco

Uxbridge artist Gerry Visco creates functional works of ceramic art in soft organic forms that invite you to touch each beautiful piece.

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Gordon Reidt #1

Gordon Reidt

Gordon Reidt's love for nature has evolved from photography into creating stone artworks guided by the individual characteristics of each stone.

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Hanneke Koonstra #1

Hanneke Koonstra

Painter & Mixed Media Artist Hanneke Koonstra creates bright colourful works of art in watercolour, alcohol ink, acrylic and oil paint.

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James Warburton #1

James Warburton

James Warburton combines his love of music, art and woodworking by creating beautiful classical guitars and furniture pieces.

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Jay Dart #1

Jay Dart

Presenting the world as you have never seen it before. Explore the enthralling world of award-winning illustrator and drawist Jay Dart. 

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Jeannine Rosenberg #1

Jeannine Rosenberg

Jeaninne Rosenberg creates beautiful one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that respect and accentuate the unique characteristics of each stone.

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Jennifer Creeggan #1

Jennifer Creeggan

Jennifer Creeggan is a full-time potter who creates a range of stunning functional pieces including teapots, platters and coffee cups.

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Judith Tinkl #1

Judith Tinkl

Pattern, colour, structure and the way we see motivates Judith Tinkl's work which encompasses traditional quilts and various textile based constructions.

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Julia Spittel #1

Julia Spittel

With nature as her constant companion, Julia Spittel is inspired to create unique works of wearable glass art that resemble scenes of land, sea and sky.

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Kade Bolger #1

Kade Bolger

In the tradition of his grandfather, Kade Bolger creates unique and beautiful wood objects using a wood lathe and hand carving tools. 

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Karen neu Wideman #1

Karen Neu Wideman

Karen uses a vibrant limitless palette and a technique of broken brushstrokes which depicts the contemporary style influenced by many of her favourite artists. 

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Kimberley Price #1

Kimberley Price

Inspired by other cultures, Kimberley Price may string antique silver beads from northern Afghanistan with Venetian beads traded into Africa in the late 1800s.

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Kirsty Naray #1

Kirsty Naray

Whimsical and colourful one-of-a-kind handcrafted glass beads, jewellery and fibre work by local artist Kirsty Naray will bring a smile to your face.

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Linda Virio #1

Linda Virio

Linda loves to travel the world, but coming home makes her appreciate the beauty of the rural landscape and her gardens which continue to inspire her art.

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Lynda Cunningham #1

Lynda Cunningham

The subjects of Lynda Cunningham's oil paintings reflect the rapidly disappearing scenes of rural Ontario and its domestic farm animals.

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Lynn Bishop #1

Lynn Bishop

Lynn Bishop's diverse mixed media constructs communicate with the viewer on a multitude of levels. Mixed Media Art for Contemporary Spaces.

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Margaret Grandison #1

Margaret Grandison

Margaret Grandison enjoys immersing herself into the landscape and finds herself drawn to the play of light and shadows.

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Marion Meyers #1

Marion Meyers

Marion Meyers' contemporary encaustic artworks are inspired by the whimsical colour combinations and strong lines in both urban and rural landscapes.

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Mark Puigmarti #1

Mark Puigmarti

Blacksmith Mark Puigmarti creates one-of-a-kind contemporary hand forged metalwork at his unique studio the Sparks Will Fly Forge.

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Mark Ruchlewicz #1

Mark Ruchlewicz

Mark Ruchlewicz creates paintings about our world; its magnificence, its destructiveness, and its inherent challenges.

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Mike Wilkins #1

Mike Wilkins

Mike Wilkins turns scrap metal, found items and reclaimed wood into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and sculpture with a contemporary flair.

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Monique van Wel #1

Monique van Wel

Monique van Wel is an award winning gold-silversmith and custom jewellery designer, specializing in one-of-a-kind design.

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Nancy Newman #1

Nancy Newman

Eco-friendly, renewable & gorgeous - Authentic bag designs by Nancy Newman that are better for you, better for the earth, better for all of us.

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Nancy R. Chalut #1

Nancy R. Chalut

Oil Painter Nancy Chalut began on a shop floor as an apprenticing cabinetmaker sketching, drawing and working out details for fine furniture.

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Nick Tinkl #1

Nick Tinkl

The advent of the digital age ended Nicholas Tinkl's career as a photographic technician and entirely changed his approach to photography.

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Pat Neal #1

Pat Neal

Pat Neal uses traditional, wooden floor looms when weaving fabulous yarns to create her one-of-a-kind woven (often wearable) art pieces.

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Paula Lishman #1

Paula Lishman

Paula Lishman knits sustainable and natural fur items including shawls, scarves, hats, headbands, ponchos and throws.

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Rashmi Baird #1

Rashmi Baird

Rashmi Baird is a printmaker, sculptor, and woodland creature. Exploring creative source work through the use of the body, love and magic.

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Ray McNeice #1

Ray McNeice

Ray McNeice creates acrylic and watercolour works that capture the emotion, beauty and movement of the world around us.

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Rhonda Short #1

Rhonda Short

Rhonda Short's abstract paintings are alive with bold colour and expressive brush strokes. Each piece resonates with energy and emotion.

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Sabrina Leeder #1

Sabrina Leeder

Photography by Sabrina Leeder captures a range of subjects in exquisite detail. Sabrina's images have been shown in galleries from Toronto to Finland.

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Sally Wildman #1

Sally Wildman

Sally Wildman's drawings in oil pastel are influenced by her rural environment and usually depict domestic animals or birds, sometimes with a whimsical twist.

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Sarah Holtby #1

Sarah Holtby

Sarah Holtby captures exquisite detail in pencil and mixed media - examining the sacred, the beautiful and unspoken memory of a feeling.

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Sarah Porter #1

Sarah Porter

Glass Artist Sarah Porter's hobby grew quickly into a love of combining colours and textures to create stunning works of functional and sculptural art glass.

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Saundra Reiner #1

Saundra Reiner

Saundra Reiner is a painter & potter who works with porcelain and stonework clay bodies in the cone 8 range. Her porcelain work is often highlighted with 22K gold.

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Sharon Nielsen #1

Sharon Nielsen

Inspired by changing light, form and colour, the work of painter Sharon Nielsen is described as ‘magical’ by many of her followers.

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Sun Down Dyes #1

Sun Down Dyes

Functional dyed fabrics for your home, and to wear. You will adore the flowing colours and original flare of each piece created by Sun Down Dyes.

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Susan Whitebread #1

Susan Whitebread

Using colours inspired by Chagall, Susan Whitebread transforms reclaimed everyday items into unique works of art that will make your heart sing.

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Tom Loach #1

Tom Loach

Tom Loach's unique works incorporating combinations of materials such as stone and metal can be seen in homes, offices, and gardens across Canada.

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Vanessa Slater #1

Vanessa Slater

Vanessa Slater's singular cups, pots and bowls invite touch and interaction with each piece. Her pottery work shines with vibrant colours and playful composition.

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