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2023 'How To' Guide for New Studio Tour Visitors

2023 'How To' Guide for New Studio Tour Visitors

Not exactly sure how to take part in Uxbridge Studio Tour weekend...Here's how it works and a little bit about who we are. Let's get started...

Step 1 - Understanding What The Uxbridge Studio Tour Is 

The Uxbridge Studio Tour is a FREE Self-Guided tour...but what does that mean exactly? Well it means that there are a number of very talented artists who invite you to come and visit their studios to browse their art and see a little of what it's like 'behind the scenes' as it were.

There is no charge and no expectation to buy anything (although we know you'll find something that you can't resist). The artists taking part want you to have an opportunity to see the fabulous one-of-a-kind artwork being created here in the Uxbridge area. 

Each studio is entirely independent and original. Some studios only have 1 artist while others have several. All have a wide variety of work available for purchase or just for browsing.

The artists all enjoy chatting with visitors about their work and discussing their techniques and skills. Most are open to the idea of commission pieces if you'd like something extra special so by all means ask. 

If you'd like to know even more about us find out more HERE.

Step 2 - Plan Your Route

The Uxbridge Studio Tour is spread out across a large area in North Durham Region. Sadly there is no chance of seeing all of the studios in one weekend so you do need to plan ahead.

We have asked our visitors and it is generally felt that 5 studios are reasonable for a full day of art exploration. If you stick to a cluster of studios close together you might be able to squeeze in more but please give yourself time at each studio to soak in the atmosphere and the art.

Now all you need to do is look through the lists of artists and decide where you want to start. Find the address and when you arrive 'come on in'...remember we've invited you! You aren't intruding.

Come introduce yourself or just look around...it's easy and it's fun. Stamp your ballot as you move from studio to studio for your chance to enter to win gift certificates towards art of your choice or one of two great bonus prizes from Urban Pantry and Slabtown Cidery.

Don't know where to begin? Well, there are a couple of ways to decide...

Plan by Area: Maybe you want a day out in a specific area. Visit our Map Page and pick the area you'd like to explore and plan where you'd like to start. If you don't have a brochure already you can find them at any of our sponsor locations, and while you are there be sure to get a sticker towards your chance to win art. Sticker your ballot as you move from studio to studio for your chance to enter to win gift certificates toward art and more!

Plan by Style: Ok so maybe you're on the hunt for something specific, like a painting for your living room or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Explore our lineup of artists located in Central Uxbridge, to the South of town and to the North of town, to see the various styles available then plan which studios are best suited to your unique quest. You could also click on the magnifying glass at the top of this page and type in what you're looking for. A list of suggestions will appear.

Once again, brochures will be available at each studio and sponsor location so that you can stamp your ballot for your chance to win $$ towards work by one of our participating artists, or one of two great bonus prizes.

Plan to Eat, Drink and Be Merry: You are going to need to eat along the way so be sure to plan ahead. Again there are plenty of delicious options available in the beautiful area!

Step 3 - Download Toureka! or Ride the Trolley

This year, to help make navigating the tour even easier we have partnered with Toureka! to help you find your way around the tour if you are driving. Learn more HERE.

Don't want to drive? No problem! We've got you covered. For 2023, our artists are delighted to offer you a ride on our town trolley or out of town buses, thanks to the continued support of Central Counties Tourism. Find out how to book your ticket for this year's tour buses and trolley HERE.

Step 4 - Love Art In September

We want you to have fun. Enjoy the art. Enjoy the studios. Enjoy your weekend. Have a great meal, a great coffee, or a great adventure.

Are you a selfie kind of person? Follow us on Instagram and be sure to post a few shots with artists along the way! Include #UxbridgeStudioTour

REMEMBER...get a sticker on your ballot at each studio, and at least one sponsor location, for your chance to win a gift certificate towards work by any of this year's Studio Tour artists, or one of two fabulous bonus prizes!! Find out more HERE.

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For 2024 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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