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Banjo Cider

Banjo Cider just north of Uxbridge has a comfortable outdoor patio to relax in and enjoy a cold glass of cider - an ideal place to stop and re-energize between studios.

Explore The Uxbridge Beer & Cider Trail With Leah Daniels & Tim Deegan

Patty at Banjo Cidery

Handcrafted Traditional Cider

Banjo Cider is a farm-based cidery and store in the picturesque hills of Uxbridge, Ontario.

We are passionate about reviving the lost art of traditional cider-making, which all but disappeared during Canada's prohibition years when true cider apple trees were cut down.

Our handcrafted cider is made slowly in small batches with 100% Ontario apples.

Stop by and see us this studio tour weekend - we look forward to serving you a cold glass of our local cider.


To find out more about Banjo Cidery & Orchard visit their website, or drop by and see this wonderful sponsor location for yourself. 

614 Sandford Rd, Uxbridge, ON, L9P 1R2

Visit website for details on shop and garden hours.

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Banjo Cider just north of Uxbridge

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