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Uxbridge artists work hangs beside famous in the home of arts patrons Lisa Matheson and Frank Coy

Model. Calder. Taxali. Kértész. Blackwood. Moon. Wilkins. Tinkl. Brennan. Holtby. Colbey. Cupples. Whitebread. From gorgeous pieces by local Uxbridge artists to those by world reknowned artists, the home of Lisa Matheson and Frank Coy is filled with art that makes their heart sing.

Eclectic & Interesting Sum It Up Nicely

When Frank Coy and Lisa Matheson first met, they started their collection with a few signficant pieces that Frank had collected along the way by significant Canadian and international artists: David Blackwood, Lisette Model, André Kértész and Sarah Moon, to name a few. Since then, the couple has added to their collection with more well-known work by the likes of Gary Taxali, Charles 'Teeny' Harris, and Alexander Calder.

But equally valuable to Frank and Lisa is their collection of local artists from both the Niagara Region where they live and the Uxbridge area.

Lisa and Frank have been long-time patrons of the Uxbridge Studio tour, adding to their collection each year. It's so wonderful to see our artists in their home – pieces by Michael Wilkins, Sarah Holtby, Daniel Colby, Nicholas TinklCynthia Cupples, Max Kalinowski, Mark Ruchlewicz and Colin Whitebread, to name a few. Lisa also loves artisanal jewelry and has pieces by Amanda Britton and Jeannine Rosenberg.

  • We buy art because we love the inspiration it brings to our every day lives. Each piece in our house holds a story for us. And, whether it's a piece by a famous photographer like Sarah Moon or a one-of-a-kind sculpture by Uxbridge artist Michael Wilkins, each piece brings us pleasure and makes us feel just a bit more complete in our worlds.
    - Lisa Matheson, Willow Artist

You can find Lisa Matheson's willow sculptures at 2018's Studio 15 where she a guest of sculptor of salvage materials artist Michael Wilkins.

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For 2024 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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