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Beautiful Jewellery That Reflects The Wonder of Nature v1

Passionate about life, artist Audrey Morgan turns her vision of the natural world into jewellery – which we see as wearable art.

From Photo to Finished Product

Audrey sent us these photos, which we find fascinating! The first is an image of a dew drop about to fall from a leaf... and the second is her interpretation in a custom piece of jewellery (in this cases a necklace).

Audrey Morgan Jewellry Artist, Dew Drop

Audrey Morgan Jewellry Artist, Dew Drop

Audrey Morgan Jewellry, Uxbridge Studio TourBalancing Art & Life – Thoughts on the Creative Process

Many artists have achieved their ideal: creating full-time.

Currently, Audrey still wear 'two hats'. By day, she is the Manager & Sr. Buyer at Health Plus Nutrition Centre – an independent 'mom & pop' shop in its 20th year of business.

By night and on 'Studio-Tuesdays' she designs and makes jewellery.

Her blocks of time are small. She says, "I need to be very organized and focussed on specific goals and completion of tasks. (Similar to my 'day job'.)"

Every June, however, Audrey book a 'studio-cation' and immerses herself in a different mode of creation. "It is a wonderful, spacious gift to myself to explore my craft.....to experiment, to enjoy the quiet of the garden and get inspired."

Audrey is passionate about her contributions to holistic health and REAL food (and the many issues surrounding that).

She is equally passionate about making jewellery.

As she says,  "I think I've achieved MY ideal."

Meet Audrey Morgan at Studio 6 during the 2018 Uxbridge Studio Tour.

Uxbridge Studio Tour

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For 2024 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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