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Ann Cummings

Ann Cummings' current work involves hand thrown platters with decoration gleaned from Japanese ceramics. Ann constantly explores her interest in imaginary landscapes


Quote: Jonathan Smith

A characteristic of Cummings work is the suggestion of change, that she has emphasized with her titles. Her compositions are complex and suggest motion as seen in Protection in Flight.

The organic nature of her forms, often with a diagonal or swirling motion, suggest a constant state of flux. While she portrays life forms, animals, branches or leaves, there is a suggestion of rot.

Ann Cummings, Uxbridge ceramic artist

Ann Cummings, Hand Thrown Ceramic Art

Aside from the white constructions with the odd black accent, one other colour is the runny blue glaze that trickles over and down many of the pieces, suggesting a slime of algae slowly rotting these living forms and returning them to the earth.

These processes of change and death are not presented as fearful but are often shown with evidence of rebirth, the circle of life. 

The unnatural elements such as the kewpie doll (a creature rendered sexless and therefore sterile), the mythical unicorn (a genetic mutation), the runny blue glaze (like organic slime) and the accumulation of animals and birds (an indication of nature thrown out of balance) are all indications of the power of nature to rebel against humans attempts to dominate nature.

While all these elements could indicate chaos, the pieces still visually hold together – a ray of hope that in the end nature will heal itself and perhaps man will find a place within its embrace, not against it.

Ann Cummings, Hand Thrown Ceramic Art

Ann Cummings - Hand Thrown Ceramic Art

Studio 11

For 2024 Ann will be showing her work at the studio/gallery of sculptor Fly Freeman along with fellow guest artists Jeannine Rosenberg and Sundown Dyes.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Ann's work or request a custom commission piece contact Ann directly by email, or by giving her a call.

Studio 11 - 27 Sandy Hook Rd, Uxbridge

Instagram: @anncummings289

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