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A Message from Our Chairperson 2021

A Message from Our Chairperson 2021

All of us are excited as the world slowly, cautiously opens up. How wonderful to reunite with family and friends and carefully return to real time social activities.

Stepping Out Into The World Again

How much have we all missed live art performances? Perhaps we’ve rediscovered all the joys in life that we may have taken for granted. While the pandemic trudged along, our very talented artists continued to create so as to share their hope and optimism during these difficult times.

How to Enjoy This Year's Tour

Last year the Uxbridge Studio Tour could only offer a limited tour. This year we are open for business. No appointments are necessary!

Occupancy at each site will depend on the size of the studio. We will always follow all health protocols to keep our visitors safe - so check our website often to learn whether new protocols have been put in place.

Art Regenerates the Soul

This year we are offering 23 sites and 52 artists. Please examine our website to learn about each of our participating artists. This year we also have the very talented Diana Lopez Soto performing an aerial dance among the trees in Elgin Park, Uxbridge all weekend. Again, learn more about Diana and her performances on these pages.

We are all looking forward to meeting you again and continuing those conversations we have had over the years.

Start Planning Your Weekend Now!

Tour weekend isn't far off - it's always a good idea to start planning well ahead of time. Our studios are spread across a large area and traveling between studios will take some time so be sure to include that travel time when planning.

And don't forget, as you travel around the township of Uxbridge be sure to visit our many sponsors who have supported us so generously throughout the years. 

Colin Whitebread
Chair of UST 2021

It's time to plan your Studio Tour weekend! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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For 2024 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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