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Art in the time of Covid

Art in the time of Covid

As members of the greater arts community, we visual artists are probably the least affected by the pandemic, in that we can keep working away in our studios, not needing an audience or performing venue. As long as we can get our materials, we are probably still working.

However, one aspect of our working lives is drastically curtailed – exhibiting.

Painter Nancy Chalut took a very unusual approach to that problem, by putting up a series of small painting exhibitions on  her front door. “

I noticed, when the lockdown happened, that a lot more people were walking up and down my street, getting exercise, or walking their dogs, so I decided to take a chance and put the pictures up.”

The paintings – a series of heart paintings for February, and the rabbit series pictured here, as we came towards Easter – were hung directly on the front door, with ordinary picture hooks, which was a risk, as they would be easy to remove.

But there were no issues with missing pictures, and lots of very positive feedback.“ And it’s a great way to meet your community!” says Nancy, who will be exhibiting new paintings in this year’s Uxbridge Virtual Art Studio Tour as well as her regular exhibiting at the Preston Gallery here in Uxbridge.




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