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Unexpected Hurdles in the Creation Process

Unexpected Hurdles in the Creation Process

Sometimes life gets tough! Here it is one week before Studio Tour and I am almost ready. Almost but not quite!!

It’s been a busy summer and I hope everyone will enjoy my new work. I have several new paintings in oil and acrylic and of course lots of photography.

In early August I was so pleased with some of my new collagraphic plates for printmaking, still on the subject of the Orkneys. I couldn’t wait to print them. I was quite excited! However, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

First I used some healthier inks because they are water soluble. For years all I have used is oil based and rubber based inks and I recognize the fact that we have to think about the environment …But … I could not get a good print !

Then I went back to my old habit of using rubber based inks. They worked last year so what was wrong? The viscosity of the ink??? Humidity?? It was a very hot summer.

I tried the oil inks and nothing was going well at all. If you’d heard the language! I was ready to give up on art making and keep my doors shut for this year’s tour.

I went for some long walks and forgot about printmaking for a while. Then I went back to painting and life started to improve again. Maybe I will try those plates again this week.

I hope to see you next weekend.

- Carmel

Be sure to drop by and see how Carmel's latest set of prints turns out...will there be success at last? Learn more about Carmel by visitng her profile page, and find details on her studio 13 location HERE. 


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