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G for GELATO Now Being Served at Nexus Coffee Co.

G for GELATO Now Being Served at Nexus Coffee Co.

Gelato isn't just for the heat of summer. This Uxbridge Studio Tour weekend why not treat the child in you to a delicious scoop of gelato at Nexus Coffee Co?!

You will most certainly need a little something to snack on this Uxbridge Studio Tour weekend. Nexus Coffee Company naturally serves great coffee and baked goods to get you caffeinated and revved up but don't pass them by in the afternoon. Stop by Nexus for a scoop of creamy gelato. 

Here's a little more from Nexus about this wonderful treat...


When it comes to hot days, our minds typically wander to frozen treats. The usual suspects are popsicles, shaved ice and ice cream. But what if we told you that we have something fresh, locally sourced and lower in fat and sugar than ice cream? Is the suspense killing you?? As if the title didn’t give it away!

Nexus Coffee Co. is now proudly serving G for Gelato in Uxbridge!


When in season, our raw ingredients (i.e. fruits and vegetables) are sourced from local vendors to ensure that we only use the freshest ingredients. We also import some specialty ingredients directly from Italy.

If you're ready to grab a scoop, or just want a great coffee and a beautiful place to relax for a while, you can find Nexus Coffee Co. in the heart of historic Uxbridge. Check our sponsor map for more details or visit the Nexus website.


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