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Behind the Scenes Tour of Fly Freeman's Studio

Behind the Scenes Tour of Fly Freeman's Studio

We call it a ‘studio tour’ but it is a plain fact of the tour, that there are quite a few studios that our guests do not get to see, let alone visit. Studios such as sculptor Fly Freeman’s space is so packed full of machines for this and that, materials and sculptures in process and in a state of ‘pause’, that short of flipping all the breakers on the shop power, and roping off all the surfaces, touring the studio would be a health hazard. We decided to send out our roving reporter for a quick tour of the actual studio.

Here's the Story of Fly Freeman's Studio:

We found Fly’s studio jam-packed with various projects, not all sculpture. The table saw was stacked with planks of reclaimed barn wood that she is building into her kitchen upstairs ( the house and studio are still in process of being built ); on a nearby table there is a large glass and wood piece that is a collaboration with fellow studio tour sculptor – Francis Muscat.

She has carved off a corner of the studio to be a dust-free zone, and here you can find a pile of drawings in process, but also – strangely enough - her taxes are also being done, apparently this is a good place to work in the morning sun.

We also see evidence of wood being prepped for the making of some new lit paper sculptures, and an alphabet is laid out on a piece of stone, ready to be carved “just to keep my lettering hand in – lettering is relaxing, meditative” explains the artist.

A sunny spot by the door has several trays and planters with sprouting seedlings – many different things are being made in this busy space. We look forward to seeing the results on display upstairs come September!

Be sure to visit Fly's Studio / Gallery during the 2019 Uxbridge Studio Tour.

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For 2023 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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