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Random Facts About: Ann Cummings

Random Facts About: Ann Cummings

Our random facts series of blogs is our fun way of letting you know a little more about the artists you admire. Here we pose our 2019 random questions to Uxbridge ceramic artist Ann Cummings

When did you first start creating your art?

When I went to art school...but I'm not telling you when that was.

Are there any artists who have inspired you, or whose work you collect?

I collect all kinds of work. Inspiration Annish Kapoor and Antoni Gaudi but I love all Japanese potters and the work of Canadian John Chalke.

Did you like school when you were a kid?

NO! I hated it.

What's your favourite movie?

Oh god...The Triplets of Belleville

Where did you grow up?

Detroit Michigan...just 6 blocks from Motown.

Are there any recurring themes in your work?

I like to play. Play is my main inspiration these days, but also swimming in my lake, and of course the nature near by my studio.

Are you up to anything interesting in the near future?

My next show at the Propeller Gallery of David Kaye artists in 2020, and I'm thinking of going to Greece to visit my ancestral homeland.

Ann Cummings is a ceramic artist whose current work involves hand thrown platters with decoration gleaned from Japanese ceramics. Ann constantly explores her interest in imaginary landscapes. For 2019 Ann Cummings will be the guest artist of Lynne McIlvride at Studio 24

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