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Raising Bison in Uxbridge Ontario

Raising Bison in Uxbridge Ontario

The Arnold Family in Uxbridge, Ontario started Thunder Ridge Bison Co. in 2015 with the hopes of helping to conserve the Bison population and share their passion with the world. Now, thanks to the dedication of this family we can see bison roaming their farm right here in Uxbridge!

The Arnold Family Tell Us How It All Began 

In 2015 the perfect opportunity presented itself to us, and Thunder Ridge Bison Co. was born. Farming was a dream our family never thought would come true but the interest and passion for nature and animals never faded. Together with our three wonderful children, we worked to provide an amazing environment for our herd.

  • I love being able to share our experience with people and taking people out to see the bison in the fields. The same way people can get quietly mesmerized by watching a campfire, comes to light when they have the chance to get up close and personal with the bison.
    - Brian Arnold, Owner Thunder Ridge Bison Farm

Bison are an animal with a rich history that is firmly rooted in our country’s origins and we have learned and continue to learn about these amazing creatures.

A Natural Habitat for Our Bison 

The Oak Ridges Moraine is the perfect and natural habitat for the Plains Bison, and other at-risk species of plant and animal.

Our bison enjoy living on sprawling acres of native grasses. They are free to graze throughout the summer months. In the colder months they are fed round bales of hay daily. They are also very fond of the apples grown in the pasture.

Want to see these fabulous creatures for yourself? Find out how by visiting the Thunder Ridge website.

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