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Artists Wanted at The Uxbridge Preston Gallery

Artists Wanted at The Uxbridge Preston Gallery

Preston Gallery is currently looking for artists who would like a venue to display their work. Emerging and established artists are all invited to submit work for review. Let's make this wonderful new gallery a huge Uxbridge success story!

Welcome Everyone to Preston Gallery

Preston Gallery is a new adventure begun by photographer Sabrina Leeder and a team of artists. Doors are open and Sabrina and the gang can’t wait to share it with you!

Located at 77 Brock St West in the heart of historic Uxbridge, Ontario this beautiful new gallery focuses on showing a varying selection of work each month from different artists.

Of course this means that they're always on the hunt for artists who would like a venue to display their original work. Emerging and established artists are all encouraged to submit work for review.

  • After seeing a need for a place that artists can display their work I decided to fill that need. Thankful for the opportunities that have allowed me to show my work, I understand how hard it can be for artists to find venues that are available to them.
    - Sabrina Leeder, Owner Preston Gallery

What Kind of Artists Are The Preston Gallery Folks Looking For? 

Preston Gallery is looking for all types of artists - everything from painting to fibre work.  

They are open to all artists at all stages of their careers - just be sure to send samples of your recent work when applying.

Preston Gallery is proud to be a Canadian gallery and represent Canadian artists.  All work considered must be produced in Canada, wired to hang on gallery track, and of course it must be for sale.

So What's it Going to Cost You? Not as Much as You Might Expect!

Preston Gallery was created as a way to give all arts a platform to display their work within Uxbridge.  

Sabrina has worked to keep the monthly fee low as possible and with a low commission! The monthly fee to hang (this covers insurance of all work hung in the gallery) is just $150 plus HST with a 25% commission will be taken on all sales. A real deal when it comes to gallery pricing.

Once a piece is sold they ask that the artist either drops off new work to hang or leaves a extra few pieces in the gallery.

Currently Preston Gallery is signing artists up for 3 month packages - this includes one peak month and 2 mid months. The cost for the 3 month package is $450 plus HST. A 50% deposit ($225 plus HST) is due upon sign up.

You could even choose to show for additional months at $150 per additional month.

Artists will be paid for any sales at the end of each month and are invited to leave a portfolio of their work in the gallery even when their work is not on display.

What Does Your Fee Get You? 

The Preston Gallery is limiting the number of artists that have work featured each month. This means that  they can insure that each artist's work is showcased, not just crammed in with a bunch of other works.

Space is limited so the maximum number of displaying artists is set at 9 whose work will hang on the walls, and 3 artists whose work can be displayed on plinths.

Each artist will have approximately 4ft wide of wall space speed throughout the gallery 3-5 works.

For those artists who create works that aren't appropriate for wall hanging Preston Gallery has a small number of plinths available but they're working at getting more in order to display sculptural works. AND that's not all... They also have two large windows to display work in. PERFECT!

Preston Gallery will provide social media, marketing, website and professional photographs of all work displayed, (and we all know how hard it is for us to photograph our own work).  

Any Upcoming Events at Preston Gallery? 

It's still early days but these artsy folks are also working on a number of events to be held in the gallery. Naturally this includes doing something special for Uxbridge Studio Tour weekend. Have you got an event to plan and think that this beautiful space is ideal? Why not contact Sabrina and see if she can work with you to create something special. 

Questions? These lovely folks would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have...so be sure to contact Preston Gallery directly. In fact...why not drop in to see this wonderful space for yourself? You're going to love it.

Preston Gallery  905-550-8825
77 Brock St West Uxbridge, Ontario

Projected hours of operation:
Monday - 10 - 5
Tuesday - By appointment only
Wednesday - 10 - 5
Thursday - 10 - 5
Friday - 10 - 5 
Saturday - 10 - 5
Sunday - 12 - 4

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