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Uxbridge Artist shows in small town near the shores of Lake Ontario

Earlier this spring, Uxbridge ceramic artist Saundra Reiner participated in a lively exhibition at the Colborne Art Gallery.

The Colborne Art Gallery is located in a small town which attracts a surprising number of art lovers from a wide area.

It was a perfect venue for Saundra's series of jointed figures which she calls: Women in Sensible Footwear.

(Saundra was a conservator at the Bata Shoe Museum for 23 years and a passionate lover of footwear.)

Each figure in the series consists of 10 parts – made and fired separately then strung on a metal rod and set into a stone mount.

Saundra tells us: "This is an unforgiving process as you cannot fix the expression or change the angles once they are fired."

But the final pieces are worth it! As you can see below, they are fun and whimsical. The Girl in Red Boots, was sold, but The Skater takes her place.


Discover the beauty of Saundra's ceramics at Studio 13 during the 2018 Uxbridge Studio Tour.

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