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Her Art Has Offered a Lifetime of Refuge & Safety

Watercolour painter, Pamela Meacher has lived a life in which her art has provided a refuge from the challenges of daily life.

From Photo to Finished Product

When Pam and her twin brother were about 3 years old they created their first 'Flooral' when their young Mum closed the living room door so she could answer the front door without interruption.

When their Mum returned they had finger painted with coal dust and baby oil all over her cream coloured Indian carpet. 

And that was when Pam received the first 'critique' of her art. She says, "I am surprised that I ever put brush to paper again!"

Strangely enough it was then that she started gobbling up paper – she had discovered the thrill of changing a plain surface into something else.

Pam is left handed and a mirror dyslexic, and so the arts became a lifetime refuge and safe place. This past January her car was broadsided by a fully loaded dump truck and the recovery has been a long and frustrating process.

  • Since the accident, I dearly miss being in my studio and painting for hours everyday. I cannot wait to be able to once again disappear in the watercolour world.
    - Pamela Meacher
Pam Meacher Watercolour Artist, Uxbridge

Hear more about how her art has helped Pam Meacher at Studio 24 during the 2018 Uxbridge Studio Tour.

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