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Anja Kooistra

Fabric & Mixed media artist Anja Kooistra creates expressive sculptures from different fabrics incorporating clay and natural materials. Her unique pieces are perfect for indoors or garden.


Anja Kooistra is the creative Artisan who founded Rolling Hills Creative Studio in 2011, tucked away in the rolling countryside of Sunderland, just outside of Uxbridge.

In Spring 2018, she expanded her business and refurbished a rustic barn located on her property into a warm and welcoming new workshop space. The new barn can accommodate larger groups and gives her more space to create custom pieces.

With reference to the female form and her love for animals, Anja creates and transforms unique sculptures. Each of her sculptures is brimming with personality, enhancing the beauty and delight of gardens and interior spaces.

Working with various fabrics and other recycled materials presents unique challenges and possibilities – and it has given Anja an unusual freedom in creating sculpture and art.

The medium she uses to sculpt her figurines is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly universal hardener.

Anja Kooistra, Fabric & Mixed Media Sculpture

Anja Kooistra, Fabric & Mixed Media Sculpture

Studio 8

For 2024 Anja will be welcoming guests to view not only her own work but that of Erin Le Page at her rural studio gallery just north of Uxbridge. 


If you would like to purchase a piece of Anja's work or request a commission piece, contact Anja directly by email, or by giving her a call.

Studio 8 - S 10445 Sideroad 17, Sunderland

Instagram: @rollinghillsstudio
Facebook: @rollinghillsstudiocreativeart


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