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Nick Tinkl

The advent of the digital age ended Nicholas Tinkl's career as a photographic technician and entirely changed his approach to photography. He no longer required a darkroom and quickly adopted computer and digital output to produce his eye-catching work.


I have been taking photographs off and on for about 30 years I spent a year at Sheridan College in the photo program and left to pursue a living in photography.

I worked in a small photo store in Toronto where I learned about films, developers, read the magazines on the shelf and worked in the darkroom in the basement.

Then I worked as an assistant to several professional photographers, as well as working as a film technician at BGM and The Prolab.

The advent of the digital age ended my technician career; I moved to the country and started a family. It also changed my approach to photography. 

Nick Tinkl, Photographer

Nick Tinkl, Photographer

I no longer have a darkroom and have adopted computer and digital output to produce my work.

I have a small business photographing work for local artists as well as pursuing my own work and making a living.

A commission I shot of my dog wearing a pearl necklace for a local pet jeweller ended up on a billboard in Times Square and Los Vegas.

Studio 21

For 2023 Nick will be showing his work at the indoor studio/gallery of quilter Judith Tinkl


To purchase a piece of Nick Tinkl's work contact Nick directly through his website.

Studio 21 - S18735 Brock Road, Sunderland


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