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From bowls and shaped plates to tables and chairs, woodworker Craig Telfer incorporates the imagery of live edges and figurative grain into every piece of functional art he creates.

Craig Telfer, Uxbridge Woodworker


Craig took his first art course at University as a curiosity and to earn an extra credit. He was hooked.

After graduating, he began painting and when he acquired his first home was able to indulge his other passion, working with wood.

Craig built a small log cabin and a cordwood shed and was able to fell and mill a number of pine and cedar trees that provided him with the raw material for simple cabinets and rustic furniture.

Craig continued his art education studying art history and painting at Fleming College in Lindsay and figure drawing with Anne Cossar in Peterborough.

His work was accepted at juried shows in Lindsay and at the McLaughlin in Oshawa. He was a founding member of the Village Gallery, an Artist Co-op in Cannington.

At retirement, he and his wife Bonita moved to a new home and was fortunate to have a woodlot with Maple and Yellow Birch trees. This yielded some beautiful wood including spalted maple and it is this material that informs his work today.

From bowls and shaped plates to tables and chairs, Craig incorporates the imagery of live edges and figurative grain. If you would like to learn more, please watch Craig’s YouTube video ‘Telfer Works in Wood’.

Studio 1 - Indoor & Outdoor Tour

For 2021 Craig will be showing his work at the indoor/outdoor farm studio of oil painter Lynda Cunningham, along with David Greaves.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Craig's work or request a custom commission piece you can contact Craig directly by email or by giving him a call.

Studio 22 - S 17111 Ridge Road, Sunderland


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Craig Telfer, Handcrafted Wood Furniture

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