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Rashmi Baird

Rashmi Baird is a printmaker, sculptor, and woodland creature. Exploring creative source work through the use of the body, love and magic.

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Rashmi Baird, MA.,RP., has traveled from India to Greenland, Dubai to Iceland, South America to Arctic Canada.

A printmaker and interdisciplinary artist, she incorporates images from her diverse experience and explores themes of nature, emotional evolution and symbolic inner journeys.

"My creative work reveals me to myself. It allows me to transform my experience and imagination into new forms, forms that sing back to me in a language of symbol. Who I am, what I am becoming, what it is I have loved and feared...a newness rises up in the shape of who I am and I am altered in the course of its release."

Rashmi Baird, Printmaker

Rashmi Baird, Printmaker

Studio 6

For 2023 Rashmi will be welcoming guests to view her work and that of her guest artist Jay Dart at her indoor and outdoor studio/gallery.


To learn more about Rashmi's studio, purchase a piece of work, or discuss a commission piece, contact Rashmi directly by email or call. To see more of Rashmi's work be sure to follow her on Instagram

Studio 6 - 6479 Concession Rd 2, Cedar Valley, ON

Instagram: @rashmi.baird 

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For 2024 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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