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Tania Caryi

Inspired by nature, Tania Caryi creates stunning brass jewellery that adds a touch of earthy sophistication to any outfit.


Tania is a passionate designer who finds inspiration in the raw beauty of materials and intricate textures found in nature.

Specializing in raw brass jewellery, Tania employs traditional techniques alongside unconventional tools like primitive grindstones and files to create unique pieces that celebrate imperfection and organic forms.

Tania’s designs evoke a sense of raw elegance and earthy sophistication.


Tania Caryi, Brass Jewellery

Tania Caryi, Brass Jewelry

Studio 13

For 2024 Tania will be showing her jewelry at the centrally located home/studio/gallery of Mark Ruchlewicz, along with fellow guest artist Sarah Farndon-Choi.


To purchase a piece of Tania's work, or to discuss a commission piece, please contact Tania by email or reach out on Instagram.

Studio 13 - 20 Nelkydd Lane, Uxbridge, ON

Instagram: @Daisy_and_Beauty_handwork

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