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Susan Whitebread

Using colours inspired by Chagall, Susan Whitebread transforms reclaimed everyday items into unique works of art that will make your heart sing.


Susan Whitebread has made art all her life.

Her years as a teacher gave her the opportunity to share her love of creating with children.

Her materials are often found and repurposed and her colours are inspired by the works of Marc Chagall.

Playing with colour and form, Susan manipulates boxes and cardboard into paper mache sculptures that reflect the whimsy her students brought to her art camps.

Susan Whitebread, Mixed Media Artist

Susan Whitebread, Multi Media Artist

Studio 1

For 2023 Susan will be showing her work in the indoor/outdoor studio gallery of painter Colin Whitebread along with Gordon Reidt and Kirsty Naray.


Visit Colin and Susan Whitebread's studio on tour weekend to discover more of Susan's work or contact Susan directly by email.

Studio 1 - 5005 Sideline 34, Pickering, ON, L1Y 1A3
(Between Claremont & Stouffville)

Instagram: susan.whitebread1
Facebook: Susan Whitebread.716

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