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Shawn Hermans

Discover the joy of incorporating art into your cooking with stunning hand-carved spoons made from local wood. Shawn Hermans' work brings joy to creating lovely meals. 


Shawn discovered spoon carving over the pandemic and drove in deep quickly. The feel and sound of fresh wood being carved, combined with quick success was alarmingly addictive.

His passion for woodworking, woodturning and connection with other carvers grew his craft and fueled his ability to make wooden spoons with character and a quality that is unmatched by today’s mass produced spoons.

He is happy to hear people hang his spoons on walls as art; however, he is equally, if not more pleased to hear that his spoons are being used by families creating wonderful meals and memories together.

Shawn’s spoons are crafted from local hardwood and finished with many coats of food-safe finish to last generations.

Shawn Hermans, Uxbridge Artist

Shawn Hermans, Uxbridge Woodcarver

Studio 17

For 2024, Shawn will be showing his work at the enchanting woodland studio/gallery of artist Rashmi Baird along with fellow guest artist Jay Dart.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Shawn's work or request a commission piece, contact him directly by email or by reaching out via Instagram, website or facebook page.

Studio 17 - 6479 Concession 2, Goodwood

Instagram: @smiling_frog_wood_studio
facebook: Smiling Frog Wood Studio

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