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Vanessa Slater

Vanessa Slater's singular cups, pots and bowls invite touch and interaction with each piece. Her pottery work shines with vibrant colours and playful composition.

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Vanessa Slater started experimenting with clay at night school classes throughout her high school years in Toronto.  She enjoyed the feel of clay slipping through her fingers, and quickly grew to love the entire process of creating pottery. 

After moving to Uxbridge in 2001, Vanessa created her own humble basement studio and managed to dedicate time to expanding her work. 

As she met other Uxbridge artists, and discovered a sense of community, she was inspired to keep trying new forms and techniques with her pottery. 

Vanessa Slater, Uxbridge Potter

Vanessa Slater, Pottery

"I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Uxbridge Studio Tour as a guest artist in 2010". 

Vanessa's singular cups, pots and bowls invite touch and interaction with each piece. She loves vibrant colours and playful composition. 

"Opening my kiln and seeing what alchemy has occurred during the glaze firing of my pots, is still one of my biggest thrills". 

Recently Vanessa returned to porcelain clay and is excited to be rediscovering the way white clay interacts with some of the glazes she's using.

Studio 19

For 2023 Vanessa will be showing her work at the indoor and outdoor studio/gallery of glass artist Francis Muscat.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Vanessa's work, or request a commission piece, contact Vanessa directly by email or by reaching out via Instagram.

Studio 19 - S 415 Concession 2 Brock, Sunderland

Instagram: @straypots

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Vanessa Slater, Uxbridge pottery

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