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Functional yet elegant; bold, yet timeless; sophisticated, yet simple - manberdo's functional and artistic design pieces are a feast for the senses.


Manberdo (Josh Sims) studied Industrial Design at OCADU before dropping out to pursue freedom. Consequently, he is drawn towards objects as a medium, working with a variety of materials selected for their inherent strengths.

His work has two distinct outlets: one explores the intersection of design, aesthetics and functionality as a consumer product, while the other delves into the realm of conceptual art. 

Josh Sims, Functional Design

Josh Sims, Manberdo Functional Design

At the heart of his work is the motto ‘seek the best’, reflecting his belief that in every endeavor, one should strive for the best outcome possible.

Practicing out of his studio in Goodwood, manberdo also finds enjoyment in teaching, photography, marketing and architecture. 

Studio 6

For 2024 manderdo is showing his work at the studio/home/gallery of glass artist Francis Muscat.


If you would like to purchase a piece of work or request a commission piece, contact manberdo directly through his website, by email, or by giving him a call.

Studio 6 - S 415 Concession 2 Brock, Sunderland

Instagram: @manberdo

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Josh Sims, Function Design

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