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Sarah Farndon-Choi

With her past history as a sculptor, Sarah Farndon-Choi enjoys the three-dimensional aspect of working with stained glass: pushing the limits of the shapes it can take.


Sarah (aka Busy Bee) has been a lifelong artist, dabbling in many styles and mediums, but stained glass has taken its place as her favourite of them all.

Sarah loves working in partnership with light, and her stained glass work is ever changing, as the light around her is ever changing.

With her past history as a sculptor, she enjoys working in a three dimensional fashion with stained glass: pushing the limits of the shapes it can take.

Sarah earned a BFA from OCAD University, majoring in Painting and Drawing.

Her early art career saw her showing professionally as a sculptor; but now you can find her teaching her children, puttering in her garden (a major source of artistic inspiration), and making glass work in her light filled studio.


Sarah Farndon-Choi, Uxbridge Artist

Sarah Farndon-Choi, Uxbridge Painter

Studio 13

For 2024 Sarah will be showing her work at the centrally located home/studio/gallery of Mark Ruchlewicz, along with fellow guest artist Tania Caryi.


To purchase a piece of Sarah's work, learn about stained glass classes, or to discuss a commission piece, please visit Sarah's website, reach out on Instagram or contact her by email.

Studio 13 - 20 Nelkydd Lane, Uxbridge, ON

Instagram: @busybeeglassstudio

Facebook: @busybeeglassstudio

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