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Mike Wilkins

Artist Mike Wilkins creates eclectic ‘industrial meets modern’ furniture & sculpture inspired by nature and incorporating a variety of salvaged, reclaimed and upcycled materials.

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Mike Wilkins is self-taught artist who gradually discovered he had a knack for making things work with whatever was at hand, without over complication.

This ability carried forward into his future work with heavy equipment as well as his early art pieces.

Welding, joining cutting grinding and reshaping existing materials into new forms developed into a passion. This passion has lead to Mike's current love of turning discarded items into beautiful furniture pieces and art.

Items found at the side of the road, or lying discarded in a machinery workshop will suddenly spark his imagination and begin reforming themselves in his mind, then into reality.

Since moving to Uxbridge in 2007 The Uxbridge Studio Tour has played a pivotal role in allowing Mike to get to know many of the talented artists that live in the community and to experience the vast array of incredible art that is being created in his vicinity. "It is both an honour and a joy to be a part of the Uxbridge Studio Tour".

Since 2016 Mike has participated in the Uxbridge Studio Tour as guest artist and as studio artist.

Mike Wilkins, salvaged wood and metal sculptor

Mike Wilkins, Sculpture and furniture created from scrap steel and reclaimed wood

Studio 10

Mike will be showing his work at his indoor/outdoor home studio gallery along with guest artists Donald ChretienKimberley Price, and Chandra Cutter.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Mike's work contact him directly through his website, by email, or by giving him a call.

Studio 10 - 112 Brock Street East, Uxbridge, ON


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