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Linda Szoldatits

From rustic hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery to silk-screen pieces, and hand-carved lino works - you never know what Linda will create next.


Linda’s earliest recollection of creating was while growing up on the family vegetable farm. After a rainy morn, her father would gather buckets of mud and carry them over to the large field wagon for her. Linda would spend hours making mud pies of all shapes and sizes, waiting for the sun to break through baking each piece with its warmth.

Very little has changed for her as she still plays with the clay earth for hours on end on the farm.

A rustic movement in freedom using sgraffito, silk-screening, sculpture, hand-carved linos and painting hand-built and wheel thrown pieces allows Linda to lose herself to find herself.

Linda Szoldatits, Ceramics

Linda Szoldatits, Ceramics

Studio 15

For 2024 Linda will be showing her work at the indoor and outdoor studio/gallery of metal sculptor Daniella Boerhof along with fellow guest artists Jacquie Sullivan and Avery Lawrance.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Linda's work, or request a commission piece, contact Linda directly through her website, by email, or by giving her a call.

Studio 15 - 42 Church St, Uxbridge

Instagram: @pureharmony
Facebook: PureHarmony

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