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Jacquie Sullivan

Inspired by nature, Jacquie Sullivan creates hand-printed linocut, woodcut and letterpress prints, greeting cards and block-printed textiles you won't be able to resist.


Jacquie Sullivan grew up in Uxbridge and studied Fine Art at the Universities of Windsor and Guelph. Since returning to a focused art practice in 2020, she creates hand-printed linocut, woodcut and letterpress prints, greeting cards and block-printed textiles out of her home studio in Whitby.

Jacquie has always been an observer, noticing the things that others tend to miss. Studying and making art have refined how she sees the world and its complex composition, encouraging deep reflection about her experience of living in it.

She is inspired by travel, language and moments in nature that fill her with awe, gratitude and hope, and sharing these feelings gives her a sense of purpose in her work.

Jacquie Sullivan, Prints

Jacquie Sullivan, Prints

The physicality of printmaking fuels Jacquie’s creative expression, requiring all of her attention and presence. Working in reverse, she purposefully carves away the wood and linoleum that is not needed and sets by hand only the text that she chooses to appear.

The careful, handmade undertaking of printing multiples from a raised surface requires a strong attention to detail, and she finds the many options for variations and combining techniques invigorating.

This meticulous, thoughtful process cannot be rushed. Jacquie’s artwork beckons people to walk slowly, to reconnect with themselves and to see the world anew.

Studio 15

For 2024 Jacquie will be showing her work at the indoor and outdoor studio/gallery of metal sculptor Daniella Boerhof along with fellow guest artists Linda Szoldatits and Avery Lawrance.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Jacquie's work or request a commission piece, contact Jacquie directly through her website or by email.

Studio 15 - 42 Church St, Uxbridge

Instagram: @jacquieprints
Facebook: @JacquiePrints

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Jacquie Sullivan, Prints

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