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Daniella Boerhof

Metal sculptor Daniella Boerhof takes great joy in being able to create both large and small pieces to display inside or outside.


Born In Uxbridge, Daniella had the benefit of growing up around her dad’s metal-fabrication shop. Her exposure to the industry and medium helped shape the way she sees the world.

Art has been an opportunity for creative expression and escapism throughout her entire life.

When she was at the University of Guelph working towards a Sociology degree she gladly jumped at the opportunity to take a variety of art courses.

It was during one of these courses she was introduced to the concept of using metal artistically. Over time she realized she wanted to explore, play and create, and she wanted to do this with metal.

Transforming a cold, dense and difficult material into a work that has beauty, life and energy gives Daniella a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Daniella Boerhof, Uxbridge Metal Sculptor

Daniella Boerhof, Uxbridge Metal Sculptor

The cultivation of perception and the spatial awareness in sculpture is a big personal draw. A benefit of working in a three-dimensional medium is that the piece is different from every angle.

The shift in approach can change a piece, and this is really rewarding.

As her perceptions of the world change and grow, her work provides a space that allows the world to make sense. A steady ground. Her work is both severe and delicate. It is an act of will and faith.

Her medium is consistent, but the person is variable.

Daniella loves that her work brings pleasure to others and becomes a part of people’s homes and lives. It is a way she can share herself with the world.

Studio 13

For 2023 Daniella will be welcoming visitors to view not only her own work, but that of Sabrina Leeder and Daina Schreiber at her indoor and outdoor studio/gallery.


If you would like to learn more about Daniella's studio, purchase a piece of work, or request a custom commission piece, contact Daniella directly by email or give them a call on the number below.

Studio 13 - 42 Church St, Uxbridge

Instagram: dboerhof
Facebook: metallytwisted

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Daniella Boerhof, Uxbridge Metal Sculptor

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