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Mark Ruchlewicz (NEW)

Mark Ruchlewicz, Thought Provoking Art Uxbridge

Mark Ruchlewicz creates paintings about our world; its magnificence, its destructiveness, and its inherent challenges, in a way that speaks to the wider audience.


Born in Toronto, Mark fell in love with drawing and painting at an early age. Growing up he could often be found drawing on the reverse side of his father’s large architectural plans.

Following his passion for art he studied visual fine arts and education at York University, graduating in 1984.

Mark began participating in art exhibitions after graduation and has been in galleries and exhibitions throughout the GTA ever since.

He started teaching art at the high school level in 1985 until his retirement in 2014.

In 1993 Mark made some of his paintings available for commercial purposes through stock image companies that marketed his work around the world.

Mark moved to Uxbridge in 1999 and as a member of this community he has enjoyed the Uxbridge Studio Tour first as part of the visiting public and more recently as an artist on the tour.

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Mark Ruchlewicz, Thought Provoking Art Uxbridge

The Work

The body of work Mark has created to date is eclectic. It ranges quite a bit in terms in terms of subject matter, style, media and size. For the most part, the common thread running through Mark's work is the generally representational style in which they are painted. "I enjoy working in this style because I think this type of imagery reaches non-artists". Mark is inspired to paint about the world, its good, bad, and all its challenges, in a way that most easily speaks to the wider audience.

Mark's past exhibitions include: Arts & Letters Club, Toronto, Second Wedge Brewing Co., and The Uxbridge Studio Tour

  • I try to create works that are thought provoking; works that make people stop for awhile and consider what they're looking at.
    - Mark Ruchlewicz, Painter


Mark Ruchlewicz's Thought Provoking Studio 14
20 Nelkydd Lane, Uxbridge, ON, L9P ???

This is the place to stop and think for awhile. Mark Ruchlewicz's Uxbridge studio is filled with  incredible art that will make you go "hmmmmmmmm...". 

For details on where Mark Ruchlewicz's studio is located, and his list of guest artists for this year's tour visit his Studio Page. To see more of Mark's artwork visit his website thoughtprovokingart.ca

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