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Gretel Boose

Sculptor Gretel Boose creates extraordinarily stunning – and often whimsical – ceramic figures using a mixture of pinching, slab and coil techniques.


Gretel Boose was born in Germany. Fascinated by her father’s artwork she knew early she wanted to be an artist just like him.

Because of her great curiosity about the human body, mind and spirit, she studied naturopathic medicine and yoga. She also joined local artists’ groups and was greatly inspired painting side by side with artist friends, learning about many different approaches.

She immigrated to British Columbia in 1995, and learned a great deal about the Native People, their stories, and their impressive carvings. It was then that she discovered her love for three-dimensional works and started developing her wood carving skills.

With great pleasure she kept on carving until she relocated to Ontario in 2000 and found her new home in the Uxbridge area, where she quickly connected to its vibrant arts community. Ever since she has been a member of the Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts committee and participated in the Uxbridge Studio Tour.

In 2004 Gretel shifted her focus toward three-dimensional work in ceramic and multi media. She was captured by the immediate responsiveness of clay, and its infinite malleability, which allows her to shape and reshape it with any design of her imagination. 

Gretel Boose, Uxbridge ceramic sculptor

Gretel Boose ceramic art studio in Uxbridge

Her sculptures largely revolve around human expressions, gestures and moods. Gretel, who also practices und teaches yoga as a means of discovering inner-peace and solitude, uses this tranquil state of stillness as her personal well when creating. 

With a new studio in Sandford Gretel joined the Uxbridge Studio Tour as a site artist in 2014, which also gave her the great pleasure to be involved with the Uxbridge Artists Collective. The Ontario Society of Artists accepted her as a member early this year.

The sun drenched studio gallery of ceramic sculptor Gretel Boose is sure to wow you. A beautiful place to visit to enjoy the work of this talented artist. For details on where Gretel's studio is located, and her list of guest artists for this year's tour visit her Studio Page.

Contact Gretel

To arrange a tour of Gretel's studio or to purchase a piece of work, contact Gretel directly through her website, by email, or by giving her a call.

(905) 904-1376

  • My sculptural work is an attempt to communicate my fascination with human expressions, and the secrets behind the mind and spirit. The stories told by the ‘Spiritual Beings’ often bring to light the question: “Who are you? And through you, who am I?” Each work becomes a quest. Exploring the endless possibilities that are offered to me, discovering the unknown, being surprised by the unexpected – that is what inspires me, and it allows me to work with no expectations, with no sense of inadequacy or limitation.
    - Gretel Boose, Sculptor


Gretel Boose – A Moment of Wonder at the Gardiner Museum

We are very excited to learn that the Gardiner Museum (Toronto) is exhibiting work by Gretel Boose, one of the brilliant Artists you'll meet on the Uxbridge Studio Tour.

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