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Gayle Temple

Glass artist Gayle Temple creates stunning sculptural and functional glass pieces with emphasis on texture and shape, using different techniques.

Gayle Temple, Uxbridge glass artist


Gayle Temple is completely self-taught; Gayle started with tumbled glass, then coloured and stained glass, and is now experimenting with kiln fired glass.

The changing seasons influence what Gayle creates; some pieces are whimsical and bursting with shape and colour, while others are calm, clear and serene.

As Gayle continues to learn, she continues to evolve and so does her work. "I’m willing to experiment and take risks with glass; so much excitement and motivation comes from not knowing exactly what the end result will be, along with the potential of what can be created".

The possibilities are endless.

Gayle Temple's home based glass studio is filled with wonderful glass pieces of all shapes and sizes. Located in beautiful Claremont Ontario you'll get to enjoy the small town friendliness of the area. 

Contact Gayle

If you would like to arrange a tour of Gayle's stunning glass studio, purchase a piece of work, or request a custom commission piece, contact Gayle directly through her website, by email, or by giving her a call.


Gayle Temple creating glass sculpture in her Uxbridge studio

  • I find glass magical. I’m fascinated with how glass interacts with light and how it captures the light’s living energy. It is constantly changing as the light changes around it. Much of the work I do is based on this perception of the magic of glass, and it’s interaction with light.
    - Gayle Temple, Glass Artist

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