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Our sponsors love art and we love our sponsors. In addition to enjoying a wonderful customer experience, each of our sponsors can stamp your Passport To Art.

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The Second Wedge Brewing Co., Uxbridge

Our artists are proud to be partnering with Central Counties Tourism to spotlight some of our Uxbridge's outstanding independent restaurants, coffee shops and more.

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The Second Wedge Brewing Co., Uxbridge

The Second Wedge has been a committed involved supporter of the arts in Uxbridge since it opened in 2015. We love the people, we love the beer, and we really love the vibe.

The Second Wedge Brewing Co.

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Sponsors of the Uxbridge Studio Tour, Ontario

Discover what our valued sponsors have to offer! Whether your house hunting or looking for an outdoor space to enjoy more art, our 2019 sponsors have got you covered.

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Visit this handy map of our sponsor locations to plan where you'll have lunch, grab a coffee, or add more great art and gift selections to your Uxbridge Studio Tour weekend.

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