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Carolyn Schissler

Watercolour painter Carolyn Schissler's aim is to connect people to a landscape through her work. Carolyn's heartwarming paintings will stir memories of your favourite camping trips or vacations by the sea. 


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8319 Concession 3, Uxbridge



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  • I began painting on a fisher-price table in my parents’ living room at a very young age. I’ve always loved creating. My medium of choice has changed over the years from watercolour to acrylic, mixed media to pastels, photography to ink. However, watercolour has always tugged at my heart strings.
    - Carolyn Schissler, Painter


Caro Art Co. is my collection of watercolour paintings of Canadian landscapes. My work is inspired by the natural beauty of our nation; where the pines and maple grow.

I grew up in Epsom and when I moved to Ottawa at the age of 18, I found a true appreciation for the wilderness in my hometown. Through my work, I strive to connect the viewer with a memory or association to a geographic location. I love all of the different reasons that viewers feel compelled to the same piece – a hometown, a destination of a childhood vacation, family ancestry connections or a favourite camping spot. I’m passionate about environmental conservation and I believe that strengthening the connection between humans to their natural environment will promote environmental protection. Being mindful of our actions and their impact on our environment can be naturally fostered through improved appreciation of our natural world. Through my work, I strive to cultivate this human nature connection.

My journey with watercolour began at the age of 8 when I first took lessons. Other than these early lessons and the mentorship of my high school art teachers, my techniques are largely self taught. My mom took me on the studio tour almost every year growing up and I feel so thankful to be able to take part in the tour this year.

I get inspiration from walks in Durham forest with our family dog, the sun setting over farmers’ fields and travelling to new places. The vibrancy of flowers and plants inspire the bright colours in my work. I love using watercolour paints because of their imperfect character, which mimics the imperfect beauty of the wild.

I’m currently working and living in Waterloo, ON as a designer. I’m working to refine my skills and expand my collection of work to cover more beautiful locations across Canada.

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