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How To Book A Tour

Fed-up with being cooped up at home and excited to plan your studio tour weekend? There are 2 ways to find artists accepting bookings:

  1. Visit our studio map. All artists on the map page are accepting guests. To book a tour simply click on the artist's name to go to their webpage, then click on their email address to send them an email requesting a tour. Please include your preferred date and time.
  2. Visit our full roster of artists and click on each artist that you may want to visit. The artist's webpage will let you know whether that artist is accepting visitors on Studio Tour weekend. If so, click on the their email address to send them a message requesting a tour. Be sure to include your preferred date and time.

Cynthia Cupples, pottery

All appointments are based on availability while maintaining appropriate social distancing practices. 

Uxbridge Studio Tour

Couldn't we all use a little more art right now?
art challenges perception

For 2023 we are looking forward to an open-doors studio tour without the need for appointments! Check back often to learn more about this year's tour.

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