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Gilded Delights from Constance Laing

Gilded Delights from Constance Laing

The Uxbridge Studio Tour has a truly exceptional lineup of artists including (but not limited to) remarkable sculptors, painters, and woodworkers but did you know we also have a gilder?! Constance Laing is an artist who uses gold and silver leaf to create her unique works of art.

Gilding and the Ancient Art of 'Verre Eglomisé'

The Uxbridge Studio Tour is delight to have the talented Constance Laing with us as part of our 2018 tour. Constance has been working as a gilder and surface finisher for many years. Her work which comes in a variety of sizes, absolutely shines!

Her speciality is the ancient art of ‘Verre Eglomisé’ – gilding onto glass, and she has developed unique techniques of layering paper and gilding; also layering different metal leafs to achieve fabulous and unusual art pieces.

  • These reflective pieces can take on a cinematic quality as reflected colour and movement briefly interact then move out of frame. They can bring light and life into shadowy corners of a room in a most magical way
    - Constance Laing, Gilder

This year, Constance has been working with some antique beveled glass pieces that she salvaged from an architectural demolition, as well as continuing her series of layered glass pieces.

You can find Constance Laing at Studio 6 where she is the guest artist of sculptor Fly Freeman this Studio Tour weekend.

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