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Frank Ditomaso Tells Us a Little About His Plans

Frank Ditomaso Tells Us a Little About His Plans

Uxbridge artist Frank Ditomaso chats about his spring studio tour experience and what comes next.

"Just finished the Lake Scugog Studio Tour a few weeks ago. About 20 of the artists took part in a pre-tour on the Friday before tour weekend and we saw some amazing work by others on the tour. When you are “on the tour”, you don’t get to go “on” the tour as a visitor so you only have the pre-tour to see what others are doing.

"After a nasty Friday evening windstorm which knocked out power to portions of Port Perry for most of Saturday, we had two perfect Canadian spring days.   The visitors seemed to enjoy the outdoors as much as the artwork. My wife is an avid gardener, as well as a quilter, and she had the perennial beds looking pretty spiffy.

"I now have a lot of outdoor work to get ahead of, and then, hopefully I can get back in the shop and begin working on projects for the fall Uxbridge Studio Tour. 

"Usually, by July, I try to get all my outside work done in the morning and then escape the heat to my shop for the afternoon. By the time the heat seeps into my shop I’m ready to call it quits for the day and can enjoy the beautiful summer evenings.

"I am hoping to make some shorter open spiral walnut candlesticks with various coloured glass inserts, these should be suitable for most dining room tables. I will also try to get to some platters, bowls and vases with embossed patterns, some with garden images, some with Celtic patterns.

"And finally, I have been collecting branches from the detested Buckthorn trees that have invaded my bush. I cut these in convenient lengths, let them dry for a year and then work them into a bowl form. With luck I’ll get some of these popular bowls completed before fall.

"I’m looking for forward to seeing you at the Uxbridge Studio tour."

Visit Frank's profile page to learn more about this talented artist's work and where to find his beautiful home, workshop and gardens.

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