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Marion Meyers encaustic artworks are inspired by the whimsical colour combinations and strong lines in both urban and rural landscapes. These inspirations can lead to representational or abstract works.


It’s been a fifty-year journey to become a painter in encaustic for Marion Meyers.

Her mother sent her off for painting lessons when she was 11 or 12. She was delighted to sell her first oil paintings during a “driveway art show” her teacher held every spring. These after-school classes stopped when she headed off to an arts program for high school and they piled on the assignments.

Marion’s favourite classes were the monthly trips to the ROM where they headed to a different gallery each month, and she made trips back most Sundays to finish the work.

Marion Meyers, Encaustic Artist

Marion Meyers, Uxbridge Artist and Encaustic Painter

Kensington Market was a favourite haunt for drawing street scenes, buildings and various windows and doors.

In art history they studied the Fayum portraits and she was curious about this encaustic medium, but had no idea how to try it with all the equipment and special medium required.

Marion continued to paint in oils until coming across a book about the process many years later.

She took extensive courses with Andrea Bird at The Alton Visual Arts Centre, Susan Fisher at Haliburton School of the Arts, and Cynthia Winika and Lisa Pressman at R&F Encaustics in New York.

She was hooked and started developing her own style in this medium. Encaustic medium is beeswax and damar resin, and you melt it and apply it molten, fusing each layer you paint with some kind of heat tool like an iron or blow torch. Very cool.

She started using her oil paints as the pigments and now uses a lot of encaustic paint mixed in the medium.

Marion Meyers is inspired by the whimsical colour combinations and strong lines in both urban and rural landscapes. These inspirations may lead to representational or abstract work.

In her work the viewer gets drawn into layers of luminous colours and rich textures that are inherent in encaustic medium. This fifty-year journey to become a painter in encaustic brings us enthralling emotional work by Marion Meyers.

Marion Meyers, Encaustic Artworks

Marion Meyers, Encaustic Artist

Studio 10 - Indoor & Outdoor Tour

For 2022 Marion will be showing her work at the indoor/outdoor studio gallery of sculptor Fly Freeman along with fellow guest artists Jeannine Rosenberg and Sun Down Dyes


If you would like to purchase a piece of Marion's work, or request a commission piece, contact Marion directly through her website, by email, or by giving her a call.

Studio 10 - 27 Sandy Hook Rd, Uxbridge

Instagram: @marionmeyersart
Facebook: marionmeyersart

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