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Tom Loach

Tom Loach's unique works incorporating surprising combinations of materials such as stone and metal can be seen in homes, offices, and gardens across Canada.


Influenced by growing up in Northern Ontario, Tom has always felt a connection with nature. "born in a snowbank and raised by wolves" is how Tom likes to describe his deep connection with the rugged Canadian landscape .

"Through out my life I've always been creative, although I don't have formal art training". 

Sixteen years ago Tom started a manufacturing based business called CNC Profiles.  

Tom Loach, Metal and Mixed Media Sculptures

Tom Loach creates mixed media sculptures that can be seen in gardens, homes and offices across Canada

He had hoped that his new business would allow him the opportunity to tap into his artistic side, "but I quickly found that the running of the business left me little time to explore my creative side as the company grew".  

However, the business has allowed Tom to work with many talented local artists in making their creations come to life.

"Now at last I'm looking forward to recognizing my initial goal of using the incredible tools at my business to make large outdoor installation pieces".

Tom and Lynn Bishop frequently collaborate to make functional pieces of furniture as well as a variety of mixed media art pieces.

"We plan on creating many more collaborative pieces as we celebrate over 20 years of working together".

Tom's access to the technology of the laser and waterjet has offered these artists the opportunity to create unique works which incorporate surprising combinations of materials such as stone and metal to express emotions and ideas in unconventional ways.

Tom Loach, Metal Sculptures & Wall Art

Tom Loach, Sculptor in North Uxbridge

Studio 15 - Indoor & Outdoor Tour

For 2021 Tom will be displaying his work at his and Lynn Bishop's stunning new indoor and outdoor studio/gallery along with guest artist Paula Lishman.


If you would like to purchase a piece of Tom's work, or request a commission piece, contact Tom directly through his website, by email, or by reaching out on Instagram.

Studio 15 - 10695 Acton Road, Sunderland
(Off Brock Concession 2 and Lakeridge Rd)

Instagram: @tom.loach

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