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Nick Tinkl

The advent of the digital age ended Nicholas Tinkl's career as a photographic technician and entirely changed his approach to photography. He no longer required a darkroom and quickly adopted computer and digital output to produce his eye-catching work.

Nick Tinkl, Photographer


I have been taking photographs off and on for about 30 years I spent a year at Sheridan College in the photo program and left to pursue a living in photography.

I worked in a small photo store in Toronto where I learned about films, developers, read the magazines on the shelf and worked in the darkroom in the basement.

Then I worked as an assistant to several professional photographers, as well as working as a film technician at BGM and The Prolab.

The advent of the digital age ended my technician career; I moved to the country and started a family. It also changed my approach to photography. I no longer have a darkroom and have adopted computer and digital output to produce my work.

I have a small business photographing work for local artists as well as pursuing my own work and making a living.

A commission I shot of my dog wearing a pearl necklace for a local pet jeweller ended up on a billboard in Times Square and Los Vegas.

Option 4 - Indoor & Outdoor Tour

For 2020 Nick will be welcoming guests to view his work at Judith Tinkl's indoor and outdoor gallery. All tours by appointment only.


Contact Nick

If you would like to arrange a tour of Nick's studio, purchase a piece of work, or request a custom commission piece, contact Nick directly through his website.

Judith Tinkl Studio: S18735 Brock Road, Sunderland


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Nick Tinkl, Photography

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