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Lynne McIlvride

Two and three-dimensional painted low relief basswood sculptures with inlaid beadwork, and original prints: a highly saturated experience. Prepare to be blown away by the work of mixed media artist Lynne McIlvride.

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“If more people were truly themselves, how much quirkier and more interesting this world would be! Unfortunately, too much energy goes into the act of appearing normal.” Lynne McIlvride is a mixed media contemporary visionary artist. 

She has worked in this geographical area for over 30 years, with solo shows across Canada and group shows in Canada and the US. Past Toronto gallery representation includes Prime and David Kaye galleries.

Although open to showing her work anywhere, she now concentrates on turning her house and studio into a gallery and e v e n t u a l l y a work of art in itself. Colour is her first language.

Lynne’s latest work,“Epiphanies” is a series of lusciously painted low relief basswood sculptures.

Each piece is designed and cut out with a jigsaw before being hand-carved, painted, and often inlaid with her intricate beadwork.

Lynne McIlvride, Mixed-Media Artist

Lynne McIlvride is a Utica mixed media artist

About this series she says:

“I've always loved symmetry, especially imperfect symmetry where carved pattern is revealed and then lost but still the intention of the pattern remains. I also love the shape of the equilateral cross with its reference to life and death; arm-stretching cosmic hugs; whirligigs and flowers with stillness at their centres; the crucifixion and the flowering resurrection. My friend and I were talking about the small epiphanies of childhood--instances when we sensed an invitation from God: the comfort and mystery of a statue of Virgin and Child on a well-frequented path; wind animating the tops of trees; a song about the magi breaking into a child's sad night. As I do these dense painted carvings, I realize they represent hints of hope; modest epiphanies. They allude to those moments that happen in the blink of an eye, brief and easily missed but if you manage to pay attention, life-changing.”

Earlier work includes a fleet of boats made of sardine cans, cupboards holding domestic tornados, ten-foot watercolours of mountain ranges, tiny drawings on chicken eggs, labyrinths, dancing skeletons and more. There’s always more.…

Option 3 - Indoor Tour

For 2020 Lynne will be welcoming guests to view her work at her inside gallery/studio. All tours by appointment only.


To book a tour of Lynne's Utica studio, or purchase a piece of work, contact Lynne directly through her website or by email.

14260 Marsh Hill Road Utica (Port Perry) L9L 1Z2


Studio Map

Work hanging in Lynne McIlvride's Studio Gallery

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