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2019 Planning

About the Uxbridge Studio Tour

Ballot Insert

We are delighted to let you all know that Tracy Walker has agreed to design our ballot insert for the brochure for $500.

The opposite side of the ballot will have a map of Uxbridge showing independent restaurants and coffee shops (useful for our visitors). 


Sign committee did a lot of work! Many thanks to you all!!

To see the summary of all of the sign committee's research and suggestions click To see the full sign committee's report click here!

30 A-Frame signs will be a large investment but worth it. We need to raise enough revenue to pay for them by inviting guest artists and by finding businesses to advertise in our brochure and on our website.

The smaller signs and digital signs are easy to pay for and great to go ahead with.

Brochure Layout

This year, in light of having fewer artists we thought we'd try something completely different and give each studio half a page. This will be done by adding an extra sheet of paper (4 pages) to the brochure.

It has been suggested that an effort should be made to find some sort of balance in terms of artist images. Meaning that, in previous years if you had no guest artists you could have 3 images of your own work in the brochure, but if you have guest artists you only get one small image of your work. 

Brochure Holders

Plastic reusable holders are approximately $10 each. If you request one for a location that you drop brochures at, we will also ask that you pick up the holder after tour weekend so that it doesn't get lost or used by other groups at our expense.


With this year's investment in signs advertising will need to be carefully considered and strategic. 

  • PRAC is no longer printing their newsletter which means they will not be distributing our brochure as an insert but I imagine we could advertise in their electronic newsletter. 
  • Last year Shelagh wrote a fabulous article on our behalf to promote the Studio Tour within the Cosmos. We plan to do something similar again this year.
  • We considered advertising in the Globe and Mail however it's not within our budget this year, print advertising will be minimal. However if you would like to advertise your specific studio that is an option you could undertake independently.

Artists Needing A Studio Location

The following artists have either lost their usual studio location (host artist taking year off), or are looking to join our tour. If you can host any of the following artists please let us know by using the form below or reach out to these artists directly.

Jurying In 1 Year Studios

Since we are down to 23 studio locations this year we will be jurying in 3 possible '1 Year Only' studio locations. If you have any questions contact Fly Freeman.

If you have any concerns please let us know.

Brochure Cover Images

We suggest that the selection of images considered for the 2019 brochure covers include images submitted by our guest artists.
NOTE: All images will be judged together, and the decision made by a committee of Studio Artists based on image quality, suitability and the compelling nature of the image.

Guest Artists are a Valuable Part of Our Tour

Guest Artists are an important part of our tour. Their fees help us to pay for advertising, signs and banners but even more importantly is that their followers get to enjoy your work as part of their tour weekend.
Below are a number of artists who have either expressed an interest in joining our tour as Guest Artists, or have lost their usual space due to a Studio Artist taking a year off.

Jobs that Need Volunteers

Your participation is essential in order to make the 2019 Uxbridge Studio Tour a success!
For details about these jobs please see our full agenda
Thanks for taking the time to fill this out! We'll be in touch with you soon!!

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