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Posted on Aug 28, 2017 in Things to do

The 2017 Uxbridge Studio Tour has a fabulous lineup of painters ranging in style from traditional to quirky. In fact, we have too many remarkable painters to squeeze into just one day so we’ve come up with 2 days of suggested routes to help you navigate our creative painting community!

Painters Route 1 – North & Central Uxbridge

  • Lynda Cunningham
    • Oil paintings portraying the simple beauty of rural life.
    • studio 1
  • Carmel Brennan
    • “I am a photographer, a painter, a teacher, and a writer. I am a recorder of images. My camera is a sketchbook for documenting life. Artwork results because I desire a mark on the wall that indicates a passage in my time and another story to be told.”
    • studio 3
  • Lynn Bishop & guest artist Lauren Saunders
    • Colourful, light-filled landscapes and nature-inspired artworks; mixed-media.
    • Studio 4
  • Ross Colby’s guest artist Daniel Colby
    • Striking portraits and light-filled paintings combining architecture, landscape and reflections. Daniel specializes in commissioned portraits.
    • studio 13
  • Mark Ruchlewicz
    • Paintings about our world; its magnificence, its destructiveness, its inherent challenges, painted in a way that hopefully speaks to the wider audience
    • studio 15
  • Judy Bear
    • A visual quest in paint, to explore the textures of nature, the colour of sound and the layers of time.
    • studio 19
  • Lynn McIlvride
    • Two and three-dimensional paintings, huge panoramas, original prints: a highly-saturated experience. Prepare to be blown away.
    • studio 17
  • (circles back to Lynda Cunningham)


Painters Route 2 – South & Central

  • Saundra Reiner’s guest artist Mina Hamidi
    • Much of my work examines the theme of womanhood and the relationship with nature. My style is primarily abstract expressionism using rich colors and emotional effects. My main medium is oil on canvas. I work with other mediums too, but I have a very strong feeling with oil…it’s more challenging…more natural and more real to me.
    • studio 16
  • Hanneke Koonstra
    • Bright colourful watercolour and acrylic paintings depict both local subjects and scenes from her travels
    • studio 20
  • Sally Wildman
    • My drawings in oil pastel are influenced by my rural environment and usually depict domestic animals or birds, sometimes with a whimsical twist
    • studio 21
  • Colin Whitebread
    • I often use colour, mixed media, and textured surfaces to interpretively explore a variety of subjects.
    • studio 23
  • Bert Liverance
    • Brightly coloured floral oil paintings in a hyper-realistic style with stunning details so real you can smell them
    • studio 24
  • Christl Niemuller
    • My work, in various media, is an exploration in color and texture to create depth and shape to emotion.
    • studio 25
  • (circles back to Saundra Reiner’s studio)


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Pick up a copy of our full brochure complete with maps, artist information, Passport to Art ballot at your first studio stop or visit our website. Be sure to stamp your ballot at each stop to qualify for your chance to win a $1000 gift certificate!


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