New Faces for 2016: Anja Kooistra

Posted on Aug 2, 2016 in New Faces, New Sites

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Introducing Mixed Media Sculptor Anja Kooistra of Rolling Hills Studio2016 Uxbridge Studio Tour – Site 10

The Uxbridge Studio Tour is delighted to introduce the very talented mixed media sculptor Anja Kooistra as a new site artist for our 2016 tour.

When Anja immigrated to Canada from The Netherlands in 2000, she brought with her a love of nature and the arts. Fabric sculpting is her passion, and through training and exploration, she has elevated this medium to new levels.

Creatively incorporating unusual materials into her work such as rocks, wood, bird nests and sheep hair, Anja uses a non-toxic, environmentally friendly fabric hardener, to create her large and small sculptures. Each figurine has a unique personality and an ethereal life force.

Many of Anja’s pieces are displayed in private homes and gardens around the world.

An enthusiastic and charismatic teacher, Anja also facilitates workshops in her studio so that others can experience the artistic magic that keeps her engaged.

Her rural home-studio in Sunderland, Ontario provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying Anja’s wonderful sculptures, and taking a few moments to chat with her in-person about her work.

Be sure to visit Anja’s Rolling Hills Studio as part of your 2016 Uxbridge Studio Tour experience this September 17th – 18th.

To see some of Anja’s incredible work online visit her virtual studio at:

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