Looking For Fabulous Handcrafted Jewellery? Check Out Our 2017 Goldsmiths & Jewellery Designers

Posted on Aug 26, 2017 in New bodies of work, Things to do

Custom wedding rings to eye-catching necklaces. Our goldsmiths & jewelry designers have a range unique pieces you’re going to love!

Transform your quest for the perfect piece of jewelry into a fun weekend adventure. We’ve put together a great jewelry focused route for you follow so that you don’t miss a single ring.

Jewellery – Scenic Route

Studio 8 – Artist: Monique van Wel

As a goldsmith and jewellery designer, Monique is always looking for new ideas to challenge her talent to create one-of-a-kind designs working in gold and silver with diamonds, gemstones and pearls specializing in re-designing old jewellery into Storytelling pieces such as her Family Tree pendant /bracelets.

Studio 14 – Guest Artist: Jeannine Rosenberg

The jewelry I create combines my deep love of beauty and history. In selecting the various elements that I bring together in a necklace, bracelet or belt buckle I am also choosing to connect and incorporate ancient and unusual materials from around the world. I love the challenge of designing something around an unusual stone, bead, button or found object. I have studied Hopi and Navajo silver smithing techniques and I bring that experience to the pieces I create. My work reflects my upbringing in the Southwestern United States as well as my travels in Mexico and Guatemala.

Studio 18 – Guest Artist: Kimberly Price

My work consists primarily of beads, hunted for and gathered from around the world. Strong cords join antique beads while fine thread sews tiny seed beads together in miniature works of art.

Studio 24 – Guest Artists: Deeni & Joe DeMedeiros

Dichroic’s are where Creativity meets Science…

All of our pieces are made with glass that has Titanium Oxides & Quarts Crystal embedded in it… This causes the finished piece to sparkle, shimmer, glitter & shift in color. All of the colors are made up by the amount of titanium deposited on the glass.

Studio 12 – Guest Artist: Jennifer Wolfe

I love to incorporate pattern and texture into each of my pieces whether it comes from the stone, pattern in the metal or granules that I add to each piece. I love the idea of layering several patterns and textures together to see the harmony they create. This sense of design combines contemporary with the best of ancient techniques delivering pieces that are commanding when viewed, dramatic when worn.

Studio 10 – Guest Artist: Audrey Morgan

I’m in awe of the natural world….its colours, patterns, textures — even its flaws. My work strives to convey the beauty I see in nature. Find out more about my work at www.littlemagpie.ca

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