Easter Show!

Posted on Apr 27, 2017 in New bodies of work, Recent Events, Shows

Lynne shows off her most recent work to an appreciative and ever- growing audience. Her studio looks as if we have interrupted creation in progress: the work table is strewn with fragments, a clothesline is hung with finished components ready for mounting. The distinctive walls are hung with beautifully finished works in individualized frames. Lynne’s work is always meticulous, always intricate and always very personal. Her motifs embody her experiences. Last summer’s experience as artist in residence in Naples Italy led to this Easter Show as a convoy of small boats made from tin cans and glass filled with tiny creations encapsulating her impressions. The latest series (pictured beside Lynn) Cats and Angels is a story book in itself, full of symbolism involving her cat with its flashing tail longing to kill some birds in flight, which are winged like angel messengers except in Sicily where they have 3 legs, and also tiny many-legged octopus served as a delicacy on your salad. You don’t have to understand the symbolism to enjoy the colour, beauty and harmony.

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