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Posted on Aug 30, 2017 in New bodies of work, Things to do

Is there anything more comforting than a hot drink enjoyed out of an original piece of pottery, or a fabulous salad served from a stunning handmade bowl?

Discover how you can incorporate art into your everyday life, September 16 & 17

Ceramic, Woodturning & Glass

 Studio 1 – Guest Artist: Woodworker | Greg Telfer

Studio 5 – Artist: Woodturner | Frank Ditomaso

  • I create wood turned objects, both functional and artistic. These include functional bowls, live edge bowls, boxes, urns, ornaments, candlesticks, and platters.

Studio 6 – Guest Artist: Potter | Vanessa Slater

Studio 11 – Artist: Potter | Cynthia Cupples

  • Beautiful wheel thrown & hand-built ceramic dinnerware sculptural and accent pieces are exquisitely displayed in a storybook farm setting. Lessons and workshops are available throughout the year.

Studio 12 – Artist: Potter | Della Cavanagh

  • Wheel thrown and hand built porcelain of exceptional form and function. Miniature animal collection.

Studio 15 – Guest Artists: Potter | Cathy Lombard

Studio 16 – Artist: Potter | Saundra Reiner

  • My passion is to marry form and function with colour and texture, to create everyday beauty you can hold in your hand.

Studio 18 – Artist: Ceramist | Ann Cummings

  • My current work involves hand thrown platters with decoration gleaned from Japanese ceramics. I am also casting versions of plants and animals which then become wall works. I constantly explore my interest in imaginary landscapes.

Studio 20 – Guest Artist: Raku Potter | Barbara Hoover

Studio 22 – Artist: Glass Artist | Gayle Temple

  • I create both sculptural and functional glass pieces with emphasis on texture and shape, using different techniques.

Studio 22 – Guest Artist: Raku Potter | Timothy Lauren


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Pick up a copy of our full brochure complete with maps, artist information, Passport to Art ballot at your first studio stop or visit our website. Be sure to stamp your ballot at each stop to qualify for your chance to win a $1000 gift certificate!


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